Online Courses Links

Online CoursesI’m not the only one putting up stuff on the Internet. There are some amazing full courses on media technology. This page will give you some of the best ones – your own personal investigations into these is encouraged! – How Stuff Works – These guys are awesome. You can find almost anything here! or here: – – so complete. Everything about video production and stuff. – MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is going crazy with what they’re offering online. Start here, and explore! – Physics 2000 – the applets here are pretty good. You can learn a lot about how the basics work at this link. and  – Physics 2000 – if you just want to get into the video part of this, go here. – BBC Academy – good “in the field” training – – they seem to have everything – Khan Academy. Just, wow. For the physics section, use this link: – – all about science and cool stuff