Tutorials About Video

Videohttp://www.ntsc-tv.com – NTSC (National Television Systems Committee) tutorials – great introduction on how analog television came to be

dtv.answers.com – DTV Answers – NAB site for the conversion to digital television

http://www.dtv.gov – FCC’s (American) digital television conversion website

http://www.digitalhome.ca – Digital Home – a Canadian digital television website!

http://www.tek.com/learning/video-test-tutorial – Tektronix’s Learning Centre tutorials

http://www.divxland.org – much more than just DivX: tips, software and more on all kinds of computer video formats

The Development of Vidifont – great article by Rudi Bass from 1971 on how video character generators were invented (PDF, opens in new window)

http://www.tek.com/learning – Tektronix has always been a leader in online training. Check out, especially, video measurement information here.

http://wolfcrow.com – Workflows for filmmakers and media professionals.

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